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4-in-1 Facial Solution

MY SKIN BUDDY is the ultimate facial solution combining 4 beneficial technologies to help achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance.

Ultrasonic vibration * Ion care * Photon LED therapy * Thermal heating


Ultrasonic vibration

Ultrasonic technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, giving the skin a firmer and plumper appearance. Ultrasonic waves, also known as “phonophoresis”, open minute pathways in the skin allowing for deeper product penetration and delivery for better results.

Ion care

“Iontophoresis” is an electrical current that safely passes through the skin to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins using negative-charged ions, and can also be used in reverse to deeply cleanse skin from dirt and impurities using positive-charged ions. 

Photon LED (light emitting diode) Therapy
Red light Therapy - Rejuvenating

Red LED is for plumping the skin. It rejuvenates the skin by improving blood flow and increasing collagen production. Red light penetrates deep into the sub dermal layers promoting collagen renewal and tissue regeneration. The heat caused by the red light improves blood circulation and helps with skin tightening and pore reduction.

Blue & Violet Light Therapy – Relaxing & Purifying

Blue light has been clinically proven to be an effective acne solution. The wavelengths have an anti-bacterial effect on skin helping reduce oil secretion and inflammation, and kills the P. acnes bacteria which leads to acne formation. 
Blue light has also been used to promote calming through stimulating the body to create serotonin and melatonin. Blue light appears to be a promising treatment modality in psoriasis.

Green light Therapy - Calming

Green LED light helps with skin discoloration. Green light is a therapeutic wavelength that has anti-inflammatory properties. The wavelengths are primarily used for improving hyperpigmentation, promoting balance and reducing redness.

Thermal heating

Heat Therapy effectively helps to increase blood circulation without putting strain on your heart and increases the levels of oxygen and white blood cells in your blood. It also stimulates the production of collagen (a building block for skin) in your body. It can be used as a beauty treatment as well. It reduces the appearance of crow's feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. In addition to helping heal scars, wounds, and cuts, it also soothes your skin's texture, lessens coarseness, and reduces pore size.

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